People have become more aware of food security and what it means in the last few years. While this sees us as a community moving more in the right direction it is still something that I believe most of us do not really think about on a daily basis. Here at Niche we believe it should be.

As residents of an Island we depend on some tenuous forms of transportation to get the vast majority of our food supply. In fact, up to 90% of our food arrives via supply chains easily disrupted by weather,
natural disaster or conflict. Not so long ago the Island supported enough food producers that we had almost 85% of our food produced locally. Imagine that!

Not only should we worry about getting the food to the Island but what about our local economy? With the global pandemic devastating our biggest industry (tourism) on the South Island how do we support our communities financially? How do we keep our money here on Vancouver Island? I am sure you have heard it over and over in the last year but here it is again, BUY LOCAL.

Our motto is EAT LOCAL, MEET LOCAL. This means that while we will be supporting and utilizing our local food producers in both our menu and our retail selection, we also want you to learn about where your food comes from. Who are these mysterious farmers, fishermen, foragers and food professionals that we have in such abundance here on the Island and B.C.? At Niche we will strive to educate, introduce, nourish and support our community through delicious food, drink and hospitality.

Anticipated opening is March/April 2021.

See you all in the Spring!

Salt & Sugar Pork Belly

Here's how to prepare our Village Butcher salt & sugar pork belly with Madrona Farms roadside honour-box vegetables with a  Miso, mustard and Maple syrup pan sauce. Fabulous plates from